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  • -66.94% ROI
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  • 370,568,098 STEEM Circulating Supply
  • 387,542,192 STEEM Total Supply
  • No Data Max Supply
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    (Mar 10, 2017)
    All Time High
  • $8.57 USD
    (Jan 03, 2018)
    All Time Low
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    $0.089656 USD
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    $0.141988 USD
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    $0.194660 USD
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  1. Steem is a popular crypto coin whose software has been completed according to the Steemit system known to be the Blockchain platform.
  2. Steem is a project that focuses on crypto money, social media spending and platforms. This project aims to recreate the philosophy of social media platforms through the active, fast, and secure trade of cryptocurrency Steem.
  3. Steemit users can generate content through the system. For each content generated, the Steemit system gives users Steem gifts. In this way, the expenses of the platform are minimized with Steem.
  4. Steem Tokens, which is offered to users by Steemit network, can be used for different purposes in different cryptocurrency platforms.
  5. In order to gain steem, features such as content creation, liking or commenting must be actively used within the connected platforms.
  6. Smart Media Token system is used by Steem. Thanks to this system, the earned tokens can be quickly converted into different currencies.
  7. PoB system is a system used on Steemit network.
  8. Steem Wallets can be used for Steem Coins.
  9. Do you know how to buy Steem? You can buy it from Steemit, from Binance or from any other platform.
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The blockchain has advanced toward informal organizations. In trademark style, it is going to democratize and decentralize how informal organizations work, by moving income from publicists to clients, because of Steem. Steem is a blockchain arrange on which the Steemit social and blogging system runs. Steemit is a stage on which content creation and person to person communication are finished. The clients are remunerated for adding to the site. Keep reading to explore what is Steem and how it works.

What is Steem?

  1. Steem is basically a web based life cum blogging stage. It pursues the Smart Media Token convention, created by Steemit 
  2. It utilizes the Proof-of-Brain calculation (talked about beneath), and chips away at a similar guideline as entries like Medium or Reddit, for example individuals would curate be able to content, and gain tokens, as coin. Not exclusively does making content procures one tokens, in any event, deciding on specific web journals, articles, and so forth can gain you tokens
  3. The more a client contributes, the more coin tokens they get. Clients can compose on any theme of their decision. Commitments through casting a ballot and remarking on the composed substance are additionally methods for acquiring tokens. 
  4. Coin is the computerized cash which fills this system. It tends to be traded for fiat monetary standards too. Consistently, the quantity of coins increment by 100% every year. Along these lines, there is no restriction on the quantity of coins. 
  5. STEEM wallets are blockchain fueled, so all exchanges done on the stage are put away in open records which can be checked whenever. coin tokens can be changed over to fiat cash and have use in the non-advanced world too.

How to Buy ?

To buy Steem, it can be purchased utilizing fiat monetary standards from significant trades, for example, Binance, Bittrex, Huobi and that's just the beginning. It can likewise be traded with other crypto tokens, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Are you ready to meet a new generation crypto coin released in 2016 and completed by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer? This coin, built on the Steem blockchain, is called Steem. The market value of this cryptocurrency is more than $ 159 million. Steem is symbolized as STEEM in the cryptocurrency world. In many popular cryptocurrencies, it is possible to find this cryptocurrency under the name STEEM. In the rest of the article, we gave more detailed information about what is Steem. Those who want to get information about this can read the rest of the article.